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Welcome to the Central Iowa ARMA Chapter!

The Central Iowa ARMA chapter members work in records and information management, information governance, content management, information technology, education and many other professions. We represent organizations from across the state of Iowa, including many types of businesses, governmental bodies and records management vendors. We have a very active and involved group of people who are dedicated to improving their skills and knowledge, establishing a network of peers, and helping other members do the same.

ARMA Central Iowa Chapter Meeting

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Cartwright Hall, Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa

Compliance: Emerging Roles from a Business & Legal Perspective

Employers in highly regulated fields such as financial services, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, and utilities increasingly need people who can do the following:

  • Interpret and apply regulatory requirements
  • Design programs to implement and monitor compliance with those regulatory requirements
  • Engage with government regulatory agencies
  • Ensure compliance with ethical standards and codes of conduct

Even entities in areas that are not considered highly regulated, such as higher education, are hiring compliance officers to make sure they follow regulatory and ethical requirements.

Jennifer Zwagerman, Drake University Law School, and Danette Kenne, Drake University College of Business & Public Administration, will talk about the emerging roles and needs of compliance professionals in the workplace from a business and legal perspective.